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Nantes Métropole: vibrancy, balance and creativity

The metropolis owes its popularity to controlled development and creativity
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Boosted by continuous population growth (600,000 inhabitants in 2012; 943,000 inhabitants predicted in 2030),  vibrant economy and appeal, Nantes Métropole is an increasingly popular choice with investors. Other reasons for the popularity of the Nantes conurbation include its ability to maintain a balanced economic fabric which is boosted by a diverse range of tertiary and industrial sector activities.

Nantes - a great place to work

A vibrant tertiary sector, a strong industrial base and the innovation credentials of its competitiveness cluster (composite materials, biotechnologies, imaging technologies and networks, the automobile industry) make Nantes an increasingly popular metropolis with companies and their employees. The proof lies in its number one ranking in the 2011 “Great places to work” poll published in L’Express magazine.

A major tertiary sector centre

With a total of eight out of every ten employees working in the private sector, Nantes Métropole has made the tertiary sector the driving force behind its economic development. Consultancy service companies (IT firms, business consultancies, media companies, etc.), financial activities and operational services make Nantes a major French tertiary services metropolis. Major service companies, including Fidelia Assistance, Amaguiz, Cotecna and Accenture Technology Solutions, have chosen to grow their businesses on a national scale in Nantes.

A solid industrial base

With 28,000 private sector employees across 2,000 companies, industrial activity in the Nantes metropolis remains robust. Organised around traditionally strong areas – including aeronautics, food processing and mechanical equipment – the regional industrial sector has adapted successfully to technological developments and remains competitive. Proof of innovation in the field of composite materials comes in the shape of the new Jules Verne Technological Research Institute, which has created 5,000 jobs over 10 years in close proximity to the Airbus site.

Proven appeal

However, it would be short-sighted simply to focus on Nantes Métropole’s economic advantages. Its exceptional location in the heart of the Grand Ouest region close to decision-making centres in Paris, its balanced development model and ability to integrate incomers are decisive factors driving business location decisions. Franck Melcare, Associate Director of Cap Data Consulting, an IT services company which set up an office in Nantes in 2010, sums this up: “We compared several cities and Nantes best suited our requirements as it combines good quality of life, a vibrant economy and cultural diversity and is close to Paris”. Please form an orderly queue!